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the-workA obra de arte na era de sua reprodutibilidade técnica. Designer: David Pearson


milkMilk. Designer: Barbara de Wilde


againstAgainst happiness. Designer: Jennifer Carrow


themediumO meio é a mensagem. Design: YES


thingsThings I’ve learned from women who’ve dumped me. Designer: Paul Sahre


brightBright shiny morning. Design: Gray 318


kafkaWhy you should read Kafka before you waste your life. Designer: Steve Snider


lopsidedLopsided. How breast cancer can be really distracting. Designer: Carin Goldberg


violenceViolence. Designer: Henry Sene Yee


mayorsThe mayor’s tongue. Design: Gray 318


soonSoon I will be invincible. Designer: desconhecido


theageThe age of entanglement. Designer: Jason Booher


abrahamAbraham Lincoln: great american historians on our sixteenth president. Designer: Pete Garceau


[Fonte: The New York Times]


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